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AI and Machine Learning

Our cameras and technology use real-time data analytics to identify when something is amiss and learns the difference between a cat, car or human who isn’t supposed to be there.

Custom Web Development

We work systematic integrate corporate responsibility in our core business and make our expertise

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Trained Security Experts

Our technology is backed by real people. When something seems wrong, they review and escalate the event if necessary.

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Mitigate Risk

Our active monitoring through mobile and fixed surveillance reduces your risk of being the victim of theft or vandalism.

Video Surveillance Monitoring

Welcome to Our Real-Time Video Surveillance Monitoring Service

Our goal at Tekjee is to protect your company using cutting-edge video surveillance equipment. We closely check your property with our real-time monitoring service, providing unsurpassed security and peace of mind.

Unlike conventional methods that respond after a problem occurs, our method focuses on proactive prevention. We do not rely on alerts; instead, we are committed to quickly recognizing and neutralizing possible risks in real time.

What was the result? Trespassers flee in haste, unaware of our constant surveillance. But our monitoring doesn’t end there; owing to our advanced remote video surveillance technology, we swiftly provide live reports to law enforcement, regularly informing them of any break-ins or damage.

Our Services:

Elevated Security Through Real-Time Camera Monitoring. Step into unparalleled security through our cutting-edge real-time camera monitoring service. Our team of seasoned experts remains vigilant over your premises, poised to address any potential threats promptly.

Driven by a commitment to excellence, our specialized review unit meticulously assesses pertinent camera feeds. We distill intricate event details, synthesizing them into concise summaries of recorded incidents. When relevant, we enhance these insights with crucial details from police reports. This groundbreaking approach to security camera monitoring goes beyond mere efficiency – it prioritizes effectiveness. By embracing this innovative video review methodology, you save valuable time and actively contribute to cost reduction. Our service includes personalized reports, providing precise video evidence that caters to your unique security requirements.

Critical Benefits Of Remote Video Monitoring Service

Our real-time monitoring service ensures that any suspicious activity is detected the moment it happens.

Save Money

Typically 25-60% less than security guards

One Low Monthly Fee

No upfront or hidden costs

Never Sleeps

We never take a break from monitoring your site

Cover Many Areas

Simultaneous views at any time

Records Activities 24/7

Provides video evidence to help document incidents

Can Not Be Intimidated

Helps ensure the safety of your staff

Quicker Police Response Times

Verified crimes in progress mean quicker police response time

How Live Video Monitoring Works:

Our commitment to excellence is embodied in our process, fortified by state-of-the-art CCTV cameras strategically positioned at pivotal points. More than just technology, our process involves the synergy of expertise and innovation.

Enter our realm of vigilant monitoring experts, poised to leap into action the very instant an anomaly is detected. As leaders in video camera monitoring services, we redefine security by embracing the concept of video surveillance as a service.

Experience Cutting-Edge Surveillance Solutions with a Demo

Discover the transformative potential of our security services tailored for shopping centers, data centers, and parking lots. Witness the seamless integration of our state-of-the-art technology as it powers real-time video surveillance in shopping centers, ensuring proactive threat management. Delve into enhanced security with our data center video surveillance service, safeguarding critical assets through constant vigilance. Uncover the efficiency of our parking lot video surveillance service, designed to create safer environments. Embark on a journey through advanced security solutions by booking a demo today.


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Why Choose Our Louisiana Video Surveillance Monitoring Service?

We understand that your online presence matters. What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to excellence. With a perfect blend of creative design and cutting-edge technology, we’re your partners in turning your vision into reality. Our Louisiana-based team delivers websites that look amazing and perform seamlessly across devices and platforms.

Answers to Common Queries About Our Services

Frequently Asked Questions

Camera monitoring services involve continuously observing locations through security cameras, ensuring real-time threat detection and proactive response. They encompass various forms, such as live security monitoring, remote security monitoring, and video surveillance monitoring service, contributing to enhanced safety.

Remote video surveillance employs cutting-edge technology to monitor premises from a distance. With remote video monitoring services, trained experts watch over sites, like construction areas, utilizing security camera monitoring and video surveillance services. This approach guarantees vigilant protection even when physical presence isn’t feasible.

Video monitoring services, including CCTV and camera monitoring, play a pivotal role in modern security strategies. They encompass video surveillance as a service concept, providing virtual security services for various settings such as shopping centers, data centers, and parking lots.

Video surveillance monitoring services offer unparalleled security by utilizing the power of technology. Whether it’s remote video surveillance for construction sites or a comprehensive video camera monitoring service for shopping centers, these services empower real-time threat identification and immediate action, redefining safety measures.

Virtual security services, a form of video surveillance, revolutionize safety by providing constant vigilance through security cameras. From live security monitoring to remote security monitoring, these services ensure that locations are safeguarded around the clock, making them indispensable for enhancing overall security levels.